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An opportunity to capture that all important close price utilising the Turquoise Plato® dark trading service you already value and use today…

Turquoise Plato Trade At Last™ - by Scott Bradley, Head of Sales and Business Development, London Stock Exchange Secondary Markets and Turquoise.

Anonymous, Broker neutral and Conditional functionality.    


Simply put, ABC and that encapsulates much of the simplicity in this latest innovation from Turquoise Plato® which makes it such a compelling proposition. 

Read more here: https://www.buysideintel.com/turquoise-plato-trade-at-last

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13th Alpha Trader Forum Equities Nordics
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BTC’s research backs AFME and IA campaign for shorter trading hours

The Buy-side Trading Community (BTC's) research backs AFME and IA campaign
for shorter trading hours

This campaign’s sole aim is to help our community  and get

them up realise that this is a huge issue - which has been

highlighted even more in 2020

​October 2020: Market Structure Partners undertook “The Study on the Creation of an an EU Consolidated Tape” for the European Commission. 

This study analyses the demand for consolidated European financial market data in equities and bonds. It examines the benefits that would arise from such data, the challenges to creating it and recommends an architecture for future data consolidation. The study is based on the input of 200 data stakeholders and research into North American consolidation frameworks. 

Lynn Strongin Dodds assesses the progress that has been made, the long lasting impact of COVID-19 and the many gaps still needed to be filled.  As Anita Karppi, Co-founder of K&K Global Consulting and the Buy-side Trading Community, notes, “one of the biggest challenges is how do you attract the next generation into a career in the financial markets. The employers require diversity of thought and need to look at individuals. 

2020 Vision:

How Cboe Europe is bringing innovation and cost-efficient competition to European markets.

David Howson was promoted to President of Cboe Europe on January 1 2020, taking the reins at Europe’s largest pan-European stock exchange. David provides his views on the radical proposals to reform European equity market structure, the industry’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and updates us on the group’s expansion plans into clearing.

Whether you are a male or female, being a strong leader and having a strong team is what matters. I don’t feel disadvantaged because I’m a woman, and I certainly don’t really think about being a woman in a business context.