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Who are we and what do we do?

The Buy-side Trading Community (BTC) deliver business intelligence and  interconnect the buy-side trading community. 





















We engage with senior heads of buy side trading through multiple channels that include our research surveys and reports as well as our highly reputable private, invitation-only roundtable debates, the Alpha Trader Forums (ATF). 
We provide an exclusive multi—asset class channel encompassing Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives allowing our buy-side trading community to discuss the key pertinent issues and share best practices. These include topics such as:


With increasing free competition between pools of liquidity, globalisation and electronification of trading new securities and instruments, traders need to tackle new challenges with fragmentation, lack of visibility and the need to keep track of the evolving access to flow in venues and platforms.


Best Execution
Best execution is an art form with a variety of choices between the right partnerships, algorithms and selecting the right pro-active TCA tools. Best Execution is an ongoing process and not a tick box exercise.


Payments to brokers
With dramatic regulatory changes impacting sell-side capability, the buy-side need to take a more active role deciding who are the right sell-side partners, as well as how, when and what services they pay for.


Regulators are globally striving to define and apply universal principles that should underpin and govern the activities of all financial markets. This ongoing process is being complicated by the lack of hard facts and other factions of the market lobbying strongly for their interests. Many buy-side firms do not have dedicated compliance people who understand front office compliance challenges why K&KGC is helping the Heads of Trading to keep track of the primary concerns.


The Role of the Trading Desk
The buy-side trading desk need to interact with portfolio managers, CIO, compliance teams, IT departments etc. to be successful. The Heads of Trading are increasingly accountable for implementing the metrics and right processes in order to win.


K&KGC´s mission is to empower each buy-side trader with the knowledge and relationships to succeed in their roles. If the buy-side trading community can stand stronger and unified we believe this will ultimately benefit the end investors.

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