8th October 


👦👱‍♂️🧒👩 Join our #buysidementalhealth campaign  👨👳‍♂️👵👶


Why did we start the #buysidementalhealth campaign?

We built our services, The Buy-side Trading Community, 11 years ago from scratch based around the needs of the people in the community with the objective to support them in their careers.  As every action starts with being in 'the right frame of mind', we have started a much needed campaign called #buysidementalhealth

This campaign’s sole aim is to help our community members and get them to acknowledge the need to actively nurture ones own and team member's mental health. This has been highlighted even more during 2020.

Action items for you: 

Please note you don't need to do all steps - one action is better than doing nothing. You never know which of your peers and colleagues you may help by doing this🤞

👉 We are looking to conduct a webinar on this topic, email us to get involved - its good to talk! 👨👩


Thank you for your support with this important campaign

To get a copy of the image email buy-side@buysideintel.com