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We are delighted to be be hosting the second annual fundraiser on the 6th July at Barry's St Pauls in London! Get involved today! Remember, its buy-side only, unsponsored and all for charity!


Team members so far include:

- Gregg Dalley, Global Head of Trading at Schroders
- Edward Wicks, Global Head of Trading at LGIM
- Paul Battams, Head of EMEA Equity Trading at Blackrock
- Simon Toulon, EMEA Trader at Blackrock
- Simon Tring, Head of Equity Trading, Aviva Investors
- Samuel Tring, Multi asset class trader, Evelyn Partners

- Ed Wood, Trader, NinetyOne

- Stephen Quantrell, Head of Equities Trading, Insight Investment

- Richard Willis, EM Bonds, Swaps , FX Trader, Ninety One

Donate today:

Fundraising link for Herts Mind Mental Health:

Donate today:

2022 inaugural #buysidebootcamp:

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💥💥 The inugural #buysidebootcamp was held on Wednesday 6th July and 15th November  to raise money for Unicef to help the children and families in the Ukraine,  Cancer Research UK and Mind Mental Health Charities 💥💥

Donate today here:

Cancer Research UK:

  • Unicef for the Ukraine:

Team leaders:

  • Martin Hendry, Trader, Global Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives and FX at LionTrust Asset Management

  • Anita Karppi, Managing Director, The Buy-side Trading Community

  • Paul Battams, Head of Trading, Blackrock 

The team:

  • Anita Karppi, Buy-side Trading Community

  • Martin Hendry, LionTrust Asset Management

  • Paul Battams, Head of EMEA Equity Trading, Blackrock 

  • Alex Jenkins, Head of Trading, Polar Capital

  • Gregg Dalley,  Global Head of Trading, Schroders

  • Simon Tring, Head of Equity Trading, Aviva Investors

  • Ed Wicks, Global Head of Trading, LGIM 

  • Steve Quantrell, Insight Investors

  • Dale Brooksbank, Senior Portfolio Manager, Vanguard 

  • Xavier Leopold, Multi asset Trader, LionTrust Asset Management

  • Petyo Balchev, Trader, Millennium Capital

  • Hamid Miah, Trader, Millennium Capital

  • Jerome Helbling, Systematic Trading, Millennium Capital

  • Jessica Orts, Fixed Income Trader, GIC

  • Simon Toulon, EMEA Equity Trader, Blackrock

The Invesco team:

 Invesco created their own #buysidebootcamp in Henley, UK on the 15th November to support Mind Mental Health, Cancer Research UK and Children of the Ukraine. This follows on from the successful #buysidebootcamp we held this July at Barry's Bootcamp in London.The  team led by Paul Squires consisted of the following traders: Adrian Bradshaw, Gordon Wood, Rob Tuffee, Albert Karavis, Kevin White, Simon Ferguson  as well as Phoebe, Systematic Trading Analyst and Victor Meyer, Trading Legal.




But why did we host #buysidebootcamp?

During the course of 2019 and 2020 we became aware, in confidence, of members of our community who were sadly  suffering with mental health conditions and diagnosed with Cancer. I had big plans to launch our #buysidebootcamp in early 2020 to raise lots of money for Mind mental health and Cancer Research UK as I wanted to help and do something to raise much needed funds for our peers and colleagues.  However, Covid19 scuppered our plans :(. As a qualified level two exercise to music professional and understanding how important physical health is for mental health and wellbeing plus I'm never one to give up easily! this bootcamp this #buysidebootcamp will now take place on Wednesday 6th July at 2pm.


We will also be raising money for Unicef to help raise much needed funds for the children and their families in the Ukraine.

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