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You can listen to the full audio or select your sections by topic by scrolling to the start time as shown below

  1. Diversity of thought:- Improving gender balance – how can it be better for productivity?

  2. (05:38) Company Culture – Tips on approaching company culture

  3. (12:10) Company Culture – are we behind other industries?

  4. (16:00) Flexible working and career development

  5. (24:40) Working parents – interview biasness, mental health awareness

  6. (31:04) Fearless girl campaign – how do you approach your boss for flexibility?

  7. (37:12) Shorter trading hours

  8. (43:18How does the UK compare to the rest of the world? What can we learn from other geographies? Comparing balance of the life on different trading desks

  9. (47:06Are there any negative impacts in the reduction of exchange hours? Structural changes to trading desks. Attracting more women in to trading, increase training to increase diversity

  10. (55:00How do we help to make change?

  11. (01:01:08Key takeaways  - panellists’ summary

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