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Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking (SG CIB) plays a key role as an intermediary between issuers and investors in three major activities: investment banking, financing and market activities.
Financing the economy by linking issuers and investors at the centre of economic flows

A pillar of our universal banking model, the SG CIB corporate and investment bank is present in 38 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

With recognised advisory and engineering expertise and strong franchises, SG CIB offers tailor‑made solutions to corporates, financial institutions and the public sector.

Investment banking, financing and market services: three complementary activities

SG CIB assists corporates, financial institutions, public sector institutions and family offices, meeting their needs in terms of investments, strategic advisory services, capital raising and capital structure optimisation.

Relying on its internationally recognised expertise in structured finance (acquisitions, exports, natural resources, infrastructure and assets, media and telecom, real estate and lodging, etc.),
SG CIB can offer a truly global set of financing solutions to its clients.

In addition, SG CIB offers global access to market via solutions in equities, fixed income and currencies, commodities and alternative investments. SG CIB develops advisory, investment and risk management solutions for the specific needs of each investor, supported by its number one worldwide equity derivatives franchise and leading positions in euro fixed income markets and cross-asset solutions.

Building team spirit together: Snam and Societe Generale

In an adverse market climate, SG CIB provided a debt refinancing solution to Snam, Italy’s largest natural gas grid operator and distributor. This €11 billion operation was chosen as "2012 EMEA Loan of the Year" by the International Financing Review. Snam Chief Executive Officer Carlo Melacarne talks about this successful partnership.

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