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Plia Creates ESG division; Appoints Anita Karppi as Chief Revenue Officer and Head of ESG


London, UK - 23rd November 2021, Plia Systems Ltd. the buy-side’s leading Know Your Broker (KYB) platform is pleased to announce the launch of their new ESG division plus the appointment of Anita Karppi in the newly created position of Chief Revenue Officer and Head of ESG.


Plia was developed in 2012 to manage the due diligence process and streamline the secure transfer of information between asset managers and their counterparties for risk management and “best execution” purposes. Plia is the leader in the KYB category of compliance and due diligence software. Earlier this year, Plia announced an investment from the Plato Partnership to launch a KYC/AML initiative, which will be available in early 2022. This new platform is intended to create dramatic improvements following frustrations by industry members regarding standardisation, security, and inefficiencies with existing internal or external systems. 


The new Plia ESG platform will help the financial community crowdsource best practices, benchmarks, and technology to allow investors to more easily adopt and integrate ESG into their businesses and partnerships. Just as investors look to create transparency, accountability, and impact with their portfolio companies, Plia’s ESG platform will help investors collaborate with their counterparties (vendors, broker-dealers, service providers, etc.) to generate consistent outcomes. Plia ESG will help financial markets participants comply with new regulations, such as the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the associated reporting requirements that will be implemented in mid-2022.  Additionally, Plia ESG will integrate the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to create further alignment with this widely shared global blueprint for a sustainable future.


The Plia ESG Technology Platform will be available by the end of 2021 with zero membership/license costs for early adopters until 3Q22.  


Bill Stephenson, CEO said, “In addition to finding ways to generate alpha through ESG research integration, we believe investors should work closely with their operational and investment partners to fully align their ESG goals and expectations. We look forward to working with the Plia Advisory Boards, ESG experts, industry groups, and the Plato Partnership to help create some working standards and best practices that sync with investors’ goals of creating a better place to live and work for all.” 


Anita has 22 years of experience in capital markets across the buy-side at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, FlexTrade, and Reuters before founding the Buy-side Trading Community in 2009. Anita will continue her role on the Executive Team at the Plato Partnership, the world-leading not-for-profit consortium of asset managers and broker-dealers collaborating to bring creative solutions and efficiencies to today’s complex marketplace. 


Dave Lauer, CTO said, “The appointment of Anita will take our business to the next level, and I am excited to be building products that our clients believe will help them improve their process and outcomes for end clients.  Her credibility, reputation, network, and drive will help us achieve our goals to become the leading platform for KYB, KYC, and now ESG. These are three important areas that will add transparency and alpha to the investment process.”


Jeffrey Estella, US Strategic Advisor said, “Plia has impressed me with their vision and determination to create products that support transparency, efficiency, and value for investment managers and their counterparties. With Anita’s appointment and their plans for 2022, I am confident that Plia will become a leading participant in each of their product categories.”


Anita Karppi said, “I am truly delighted to be appointed to this position and very excited about the future vision and roadmap of Plia. I have been working with Bill and Dave since March of this year, and together we have a clear vision to grow and scale the business to help the global investment community. The ESG initiative aligns with my passions and I am excited to be spearheading a product that will help the industry engage and collaborate on these important challenges.” 


Plia ESG will be donating a percentage of revenues to Plia Impact Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports organizations and communities that positively impact and improve environmental and social causes.


For more information on Plia products, email or visit  







The Plia leadership team consists of:

  • Bill Stephenson, CEO

  • Dave Lauer, CTO

  • Anita Karppi, CRO, Head of ESG and Strategic Advisor

  • Amy Scott, Head of Client Service/Product Manager

  • Jeff Estella, Strategic Advisor

  • Pete Herzog, Senior Security Advisor

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