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Liquidnet Equities


Liquidnet brings together the world’s largest asset managers and public companies on a single network that directly connects traders, portfolio managers, analysts and corporate issuers. By revolutionising the flow of ideas, liquidity and capital we have helped change an entire industry while enabling the key players in the institutional investment process to more efficiently capture and retain alpha. Instead of an asset manager searching the ends of the earth for the liquidity they need, Liquidnet enables a buy-side trader to keep those orders protected with a trading system that could bring liquidity to execute against those orders without moving the market. By bringing together institutional buyers and sellers of large blocks of equity securities, Liquidnet enables them to trade with each other directly and anonymously via the Internet on our electronic trading platform. When they use Liquidnet, members enhance the quality and speed of trade execution, gain price improvements for their trades, and, ultimately, lower overall trading costs. It enables anonymous, one-to-one negotiations of large block trades and the creation and strategic access to additional liquidity from external markets, and allows us to serve the broader requirements of our customers, including program and transition trading. Liquidnet members trade equity securities listed in 39 countries.


Liquidnet Fixed Income


Liquidnet is the global institutional trading network. We connect more than 740 of the world’s top asset managers to large-scale trading opportunities in 42 markets across the globe. Asset managers rely on Liquidnet to enter and exit their investments more efficiently - not only improving their own performance, but directly benefiting the millions of people across the world who invest in mutual, managed, retirement, or other investment funds.


Liquidnet purchased Vega-Chi in March 2014 and will be incorporated into Liquidnet pending regulatory approval.

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