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Campaign for shorter market hours gathers momentum in Europe

London 6 January 2020

By Philip Stafford

Exchanges examine options after lobby groups argued for truncated trading day

Banks and fund managers across Europe are confident they are building the momentum to force the region’s stock exchanges to reduce their opening times.


During the past few months traders have argued that the standard eight-and-a-half-hour days do nothing to help them easily buy and sell shares without affecting the market price. Such long hours are also bad for mental health and for work-life balances, they say.


Now, exchanges and market participants are trying to figure out a compromise, keeping a smooth flow of trading through the global day while also giving finance professionals a less punishing workload.


K&K Global Consulting, a firm based outside London that runs the Alpha Trader Forum, an influential network of 900 senior traders in the asset management industry, said the idea had also won support from its members.

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