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In fluid markets, strategies often stand or fall by the quality of their execution. Citi Electronic Markets helps clients maximise trading effectiveness with an online platform that puts the expertise and technology of a leading international investment bank directly into their hands.


Our sophisticated electronic execution service enables wholesale broker-dealers, asset managers, hedge funds, pensions and endowments to enhance the control, options and liquidity of their trades.


Plugging professional investors’ trading desks directly into market venues across the globe, our integrated platform offers end-to-end trading solutions that are fully adaptable to individual requirements:


 - Flexibility: algorithmic trading strategies fit client requirements.

 - Liquidity: Citi Match is a leading internal crossing network.

 - Access: DMA execution in multiple markets.

 - Performance: adaptive, intelligent Smart Order Routing.

 - Electronic market-making: in cash and derivative markets.

 - Integration: E2C combines execution, settlement and clearing.


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