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Millennium Management Trader Charlotte Nutting on Promoting Women on the Buy-Side

As one of several women traders based in Millennium Management’s London office, I have always had a passion for supporting women on the buy-side by helping them to expand and strengthen their professional networks, and in turn, achieve their career aspirations.

The need for such support is especially true for women in front office roles. Their industry-wide underrepresentation shocks me to this day, having spent the majority of my career in this space at Fisher Investments, RBC Capital Markets, and Principia Investment Management before making my way to Millennium.

I learned early in my career that leveraging connections to find and develop a relationship with a senior woman mentor is an exceptionally powerful tactic for career advancement. Consulting an experienced role model afforded me highly relevant guidance, advice, and feedback that accelerated my success in this career path. As a result, the Women of Millennium Network (WOMN) in Europe and I have spearheaded a number of networking initiatives in an effort to encourage the development of these rewarding mentor-mentee relationships


Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, I arranged small Zoom sessions for Millennium women of all career stages to hear senior women leaders share opinions and advice on topics women rarely speak openly about, such as compensation, promotions, and work-life balance. Creating a space for these discussions is critical to empowering women, increasing competitiveness in the workplace, and in effect, closing the gap between representation of women and men in buy-side leadership positions. For this same reason, I also volunteered to host a virtual Millennium and sell-side women’s networking event. Splitting participants into pairs allowed for deeper and more personal conversations on issues women face in this industry.  

In November, I was happy to help coordinate WOMN’s in-person informal social, held in our London office with Bobby Jain, our Co-Chief Investment Officer, Rosanna Konarzewski, our Chief Communications Officer, and Martin Pabari, our Chief Executive Officer, EMEA. The event allowed attendees face time and a Q&A session with our Firm leaders in a social environment.

In 2022, WOMN plans to organize additional events focused not only on networking, but also on skillset and professional development. For example, a new senior male joiner in our London office recently offered to conduct a workshop for women interested in learning how to code. We plan to utilize his offer and feel lucky to have an abundance of talented individuals at Millennium who are happy to share their knowledge with those looking to grow. At the same time, the offer illustrates the importance of garnering senior male support in addition to support of senior women for WOMN, its initiatives, and its cause—broader recognition of the challenges women in our industry face is essential to the promotion of ideas and solutions that lead to progress.

I personally mentor a few juniors across the street—both women and men—and am always happy to offer guidance. WOMN and I look forward to expanding our network’s membership and hopefully connecting with other firms in 2022.

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