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K&KGC Global Buy-side Trader Awards recognise buy-side winners


Senior buy-side heads of trading were recognised for their achievements and contributions to the buy-side at the 2016 Global Buy-side Trader Awards organised by K&K Global Consulting in London on 26 January.

Among those receiving an award were Kent Rossiter of Allianz Global Investors, Gianluca Minieri at Pioneer Investments and Mike Bellaro at Deutsche Asset Management. The K&KGC Global Buy-side Trader Awards is the industry’s only unbiased, non-sponsored awards ceremony for buy-side traders to recognise their peer’s performance and contributions to the community. The event was attended by 100 senior representatives from the buy-side.

Kent Rossiter, head of trading at Allianz Global Investors, said:
“Thank you for bestowing on me the 2016 Head of Trading Asia award; it’s testament to the broad recognition Allianz Global Investors gets for our multi-asset trading capabilities in Asia, and the strong support we have internally. I have to give full credit to my fellow AllianzGI traders in Asia and globally, without whose continuous support and help I’d never be able to do my job or build the network we have. Much thanks to K&K Global Consulting (K&KGC) for your tireless efforts in tackling many of the industries challenges to make a better buy-side for all of us.”

Gianluca Minieri, global head of trading at Pioneer Investments, said:
"We are very proud of the award, even more so because it comes from the buy-side community, hence it is a pure and unbiased recognition of the work we do and the active role we play in the trading arena. I am particularly happy for all my teams globally, which continue to surprise me for their unrelenting dedication and commitment and for the unrivalled team spirit. A final thanks to Anita and her team for another successful event with the buy-side community."

Mike Bellaro, global head of equities and listed derivatives at Deutsche Asset Management, said:
“It is a great honor to win this award and to represent the successes within Deutsche Asset Management’s trading group,” said Bellaro, global head of equities and listed derivatives at Deutsche Asset Management. “I would like to thank my entire trading team globally for their dedication to excellence and the strong support of our management which has made all of this possible. Thanks to all the voters and to K&K Global Consulting.”

Jutta Schneider, European head of fixed Income trading at Allianz Global Investors, said:
"I feel very honored and pleased to be named ‘Fixed Income Trader of the Year’. This award shows me that me and my team in Frankfurt and Paris are on the right track and that the efforts we have made are worthwhile. I am aware that we have difficult times ahead of us with decreasing liquidity on the one hand and increasing regulations on the other hand. Nevertheless I feel confident that we are well prepared and that me and my great team will be able to handle the new challenges. I will do my best to fulfill the expectations that come with such an award."

Christian Schoeppe, head of FX trading at Deutsche Asset Management, said:
"Many thanks to my colleagues at Deutsche Asset Management and in the FX community for this award & recognition for the teamwork to enhance our Foreign Exchange trading capabilities, and congratulations to K&KGC for this huge and insightful industry event."

Niall Coyne, equity dealer at Miton Group, said:
“Well done to everyone at K&KGC, especially Anita and Kristian on another very well organised event which was extremely useful and enjoyable. Also, a big thanks to my peers for voting for me this year.”

Adam Conn, head of dealing at Baring Asset Management, said:
“It is an honour to be recognised by my peers for contributing to developments in market structure aimed at enhancing performance and mitigating risk for the benefit of the end investor”.

Christoph Hock, head of multi-asset trading at Union Investment Privatfonds, said:
“Keeping up to date with market structure and playing a proactive role in its development is key for Union Investment Privatfonds. We have found K&KGC extremely useful with forums and communications with buy-side peers and sell-side participants to actively discuss the topics that are of concern to all of us in the industry.”

Gregg Dalley, head of EMEA trading at Schroders Investment Management, said:
“I am very flattered by the award and I would like to thank anybody who nominated or voted for me. Winning an award that is based on votes from your peers makes it very special and rewarding.”




For more information, please contact:

Anita Karppi

Managing Director

K&K Global Consulting

T: +44 (0) 203 411 3996



About K&KGC

K&KGC is a unique buy side consultancy which engages with senior buy-side heads of trading on a regular basis with research and roundtable debates on topics of their choice. The company organises private and exclusive the Alpha Trader Forum (ATF) and Asia Buy-side Forum (ABF) roundtable debates in equities, fixed income and foreign exchange in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore, Hong Kong, Boston and New York. K&KGC also produces the Buy side perspectives - news, research, rankings and awards based on buy-side input on key issues for the dealing desk and trading environment.

Equity Trader of the Year

Adam Mingos
Fidelity Management & Research UK

Head of Trading - Europe

Christoph Hock
Union Investments Privatfonds

Foreign Exchange Trader of the Year

Christian Schoeppe
Deutsche Asset Management

Multi Asset Class Trader of the Year


Gianluca Minieri

Pioneer Investments

The Rising Star of Buy-side Trading


Gregg Dalley

Schroders Investment Management

Buy-siders’ Buy-sider

Adam Conn
Baring Asset Management

Global Head of Trading

Mike Bellaro
Deutsche Asset Management

Head of Trading - Asia


Kent Rossiter

Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific

Head of Trading - U.S.A.


Victoria Kelly

Fidelity International

Fixed Income Trader of the Year


Jutta Schneider

Allianz Global Investors

Small Buy-side Asset Manager of the Year


Niall Coyne

Miton Group

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