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The Buyside Trading Community (BTC) research supports the buy-side traders’ request for shorter exchange trading hours

London 28 November 2019

Following the recent proposal by AFME and the Investment Association (IA) issued on the 7th November for shorter exchange trading hours in Europe, the Buy-side Trading Community (BTC) operated by K&K Global Consulting (K&KGC) is pleased to share their real-time poll results, as referenced by AFME and the IA's proposal to the London trading exchanges. The real-time buy-side polls were conducted over the course of 2019 at the BTC's private, exclusive and invitation only Alpha Trader Forum (ATF) meetings held in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Stockholm.

Anita Karppi, Managing Director and founder of the BTC said:

"Since 2009 we have operated an independent dedicated buy-side trading consultancy with a buy-side trading client database of over 900+ global heads and senior traders providing a neutral ground for our clients to meet and discuss topical issues. We identified that only 10% of our buy-side trading contacts were women so we launched an awareness campaign to research and study how the buy-side trading desk could become a more attractive and inclusive working environment. The asset management industry is under tremendous pressure to perform under increasing regulatory scrutiny, pressure to cut costs and personal accountability.

Our research unveiled when comparing against other "white collar" industries and when looking at the accountability vs. remuneration ratio, buy-side trading is not a job where people are earning elaborate amounts of money when factoring in the pressure to perform during long working days. It is important to note that the buy-side trader is generally expected to spend additional hours, over and above the exchange open hours, to finish off administrative work and prepare for the next exchange opening. The direct correlation between exchange trading hours and the necessary work-life balance, to both attract new and retain experienced talent, is obvious however to discuss the impact of this in terms of each individual's mental and physical well-being is somewhat more taboo. We have received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our diversity and inclusion initiative as many senior representatives have vouched for the impact of 'diversity of thought' on trading performance which ultimately is in the best interest of the end investor. Forums like the ATF, offers our clients a neutral setting where they can speak openly and honestly. The BTC is producing anonymised benchmark reports, based on the real-time polls, to assist the buy-side firm's senior head trader talent to transform and succeed in their roles". 

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Press release shorter working hours (BUY-SIDE TRADING COMMUNITY)
Press release shorter working hours 2 (BUY-SIDE TRADING COMMUNITY)

The BTC continue with their Diversity and Inclusion campaigns hosting their first webinar on the 28th November 2019 and their next major buy-side meeting will be held on the 5th & 6th February at their 8th Annual Global Summit in London which is the private, exclusive, invitation only, kick off buy-side trader meeting for 2020.

For more information, please contact

Anita Karppi,

Managing Director

Buyside Trading Consultancy (BTC) by K&K Global Consulting

(+44) 203 411 3996


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