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Founded in 1996, FlexTrade Systems is the global leader in high performance execution management and order management systems for equities, foreign exchange, options, futures and fixed income.
A pioneer in the field, FlexTrade is internationally recognized for introducing FlexTRADER, the world’s first broker-neutral trading system, which allows clients to completely control and customize their proprietary algorithms while maintaining the confidentiality of their trading strategies.

Our Mission

Trading at one’s best and making the best trades are goals shared equally by traders from the buy-side and sell-side. It also forms a deeply ingrained mantra evident in all the technology and services we provide to our clients. At FlexTrade, our mission is to anticipate and provide our clients with a cutting edge, integrated array of trading solutions. In this way we give them the edge they need to perform optimally on every trade and achieve best execution without compromise.
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