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K&KGC is delivering key post-MiFID II launch feedback from the European buy-side community to the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA)


We are delighted to assist EFAMA with the first K&KGC post-MiFID II launch buy side trading research in Brussels on Tuesday 20th February 2018. K&KGC has offered to present the key equities and fixed income trading takeaways from the recent 6th annual Alpha Trader Forum Global Summit that took place on 6th & 7th February 2018. This event was the first buy side meeting post MiFID II and was attended by over 100 heads of trading and senior traders across Equities, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange.

K&K Global Consulting Ltd is a buy-side consultancy offering business intelligence to the buy-side trading community. We are a unique consultancy firm with a community of 1100 senior heads and global heads of trading across Equities, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange in regions across London, Paris, DACH, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York, Boston, Singapore and Hong Kong.


K&KGC released the much anticipated final 2017 benchmark research reports for equities, fixed income and foreign exchange in mid-December 2017. These benchmark reports highlighted the buy-side’s common and best practice approaches solving trading desk challenges ahead of MiFID II and beyond.


  • Buy side Equities survey 2017

  • Buy side Fixed Income survey 2017

  • Buy side Foreign Exchange survey 2017


Our research started back in 2013 and includes :



More information about our research can be found here:

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