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K&KGC has found that the buy-side are currently evaluating their trading tools as some firms may be pushing towards cross-asset technologies and others are re-evaluating if the technology they are using is still best-of-breed in this evolving market space. The buy-side are evidently breaking barriers seeking liquidity in ECNs and also non-bank liquidity providers for Spot trading. 

Many buy-side has indicated that they will start using FX trading algorithms in 2018 and K&KGC will publish their 2018 buy-side FX trading algorithm benchmark research in the summer months. What we can reveal publicly is that, K&KGC have used the initial results to build a template to standardise even deeper ongoing research in this area to assist the buy-side with understanding which

technologies are tested and proven by their peer network.


Algorithms leveraging machine learning techniques are already being used by a few algorithm providers. The 2018 K&KGC buy-side research will reveal a quite defined need-to-know list of counterparty firms that are serving the institutional buy-side community for Spot and FX derivatives.


From an analytics tools perspective, competition has heated up over the last year. Can multi-asset TCA tools compete with specialist FX TCA tools? Stay tuned, join our ATF meetings and hear what your buy-side peers think.


If you ever would like to know, who signed he Global Foreign Exchange Committee’s official Global Index of participating Public Registers committed to the Global Code: 


There are still numerous challenges around complexities in the FX derivatives trading side, of which some would demand new innovations. K&KGC is committed to facilitate ongoing peer group debates and research to iron out the inefficiencies. The 9th Alpha Trader Forum Foreign Exchange meeting will take place 4th October in London.

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Richard Nelson

Finance is not all about "Red gravel drives and BMWs"

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Neil Bond

My word is my Bond

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Christophe Roupie

A buy-side trader at heart, placed in the driving seat of evolution

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Gianluca Minieri

Sieve the relevant from the unworthy and then synthesize it in order to make sense

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Mark Denny

At the helm of a global buy-side trading desk

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John Sanderson

The Buzz of being part of the market

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