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Founded in 1996, Tradebook offers its customer base trading solutions for equities, futures, options, and foreign exchange (FX) to actively manage complex trading strategies in more than 100 global exchanges. We are a leading global agency broker that provides direct market access and a breadth of trading analytics and algorithms to institutional traders who seek maximum alpha on every market transaction.


We partner with you to understand your business and demonstrate how our fully integrated solutions can help you cut costs, increase efficiencies, work faster and manage risk.


Foreign Exchange


Aim to move in and out of positions quickly and stealthily with our FX Solutions.

  • Agnostic liquidity access

  • Advanced algorithms

  • Fully transparent pricing


Key Features

  • Anonymous trading in 48 currency pairs with one counterparty and one average price ticket.

  • Analytics Integration — leverage powerful Bloomberg analytics; trade from key functionality with ease.

  • Straight-Through Processing — seamlessly connects our platform to your current workflow and back-office solutions.




Access liquidity in lit markets and dark pools in over 40 countries.

  • Proprietary pre-trade quant analysis

  • Sophisticated anti-gaming logic

  • Advanced dark liquidity capture


Key Features

  • Access more than 65 primary exchanges, 20 alternative trading venues and 40 dark pools and crossing networks.

  • Take advantage of our proprietary suite of algorithms and synthetic order types tailored to each market and execution strategy.

  • Tradebook controls and maintains a proprietary front end, designed for equity traders and built into the familiar Bloomberg environment. Alternatively, you can access Tradebook via all major third-party EMS/OMS. EMSX, SSEOMS and AIM users benefit from additional workflow synergies.

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