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Winners’ remarks: K&K Global Consulting announces the

Buy-Siders’ Choice Awards winners 2016

K&KGC announces the winners of the K&KGC Buy-Siders’ Choice Awards, held on 16 November at London’s Savoy Hotel. The awards are an impartial means of recognising the companies that are most valued by the buy side. Winners are chosen based solely on K&KGC’s surveys of the buy side. Only buy-side traders can vote; the results are not influenced by any other factor.

The winners included representatives from some of the largest global financial institutions and cutting edge trading technology firms. The Awards were attended by 225 senior representatives from the buy side and from financial services providers.

"We are particularly delighted to have won TCA awards in two separate categories this year, reflecting strong support from our clients for which we are very grateful. Our accolade as Best FX TCA Vendor comes at a time of great change in FX markets and a growing requirement for measurement and transparency. In Asia to win the inaugural Best Equities TCA Asia vendor award is also very pleasing, based on a high level of client engagement in the region."

said Michael Sparkes -  ITG


"Receiving such a huge endorsement from the buy side for both our equities and fixed income platform is testament to the value which our institutional trading network brings to our members,”

said Mark Pumfrey, CEO EMEA at Liquidnet.

“We are delighted to have received this prestigious award,” said Peter Weiler, President of Abel Noser Solutions. “This award is an un-biased survey of leading financial institutions, who have recognised us as a best of class TCA vendor. We are grateful for their vote of confidence and welcome serving the financial community in the future.”

“We are honoured to be recognised as the best solution that helps institutional investors deal across multiple funds in block and improve execution quality, transparency and efficiency in the process, which ultimately benefits the end investor,” said Roger McAvoy, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific at 360T. “This accolade also reflects our Execution Management System being a solution designed specifically for Asset Managers and by them.”

The full list of awards announced at the Buy-Siders' Choice & Leaders in Trading Awards dinner 16th November 2016, at the Savoy Hotel London, is as follows:


  • Foreign exchange trading system for block trading in Asia

Abel Noser

  • Best equities TCA USA

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  • Preferred broker rates OTC US$ bonds (joint winner)


  • Preferred broker rates OTC Europe EUR/GBP bonds


  • Regulatory product ranking across all asset classes: Bloomberg TCA, interconnectivity and monitoring

  • Electronic bond initiative for block trading Asia: Bloomberg BBX (Asian bonds)

  • Electronic bond liquidity initiative Asia: Bloomberg ALLQ/X (Asian bonds)

  • Foreign exchange trading system Asia: Bloomberg FXGO

  • Foreign exchange data supplier (Global)


  • Equities broker sales person

    • Europe: Stephen Harley (joint winner)

    • Asia: Craig Reilly (joint winner)


  • Preferred broker USA rates OTC US$ bonds (joint winner)

  • Preferred broker credit OTC US$ bonds

  • Preferred broker credit OTC Asian bonds (joint winner)


  • Equities broker coverage Asia

Credit Suisse

  • Equities broker coverage USA

FX Connect

  • Foreign exchange trading system for block trading in Europe


  • Preferred broker credit OTC Asian bonds (joint winner)

  • Preferred broker rates OTC Asian bonds

ITG Analytics

  • Best equities TCA Asia

  • Foreign exchange TCA vendor

J.P. Morgan

  • Equities broker coverage Europe (joint winner)

  • Equities broker sales person

    • Europe: Kristian Hoenen (joint winner)

    • USA: Tom Kelly (joint winner)

  • Fixed income broker credit OTC Europe EUR/GBP bonds

  • Foreign exchange Mid + fixed fee broker (global)



  • Equities broker sales person USA: Michael Bita (joint winner)


  • Equities block trading venue Europe

  • Equities block trading venue USA

  • Fixed income electronic bond initiative for block trading Europe (Euro/GBP bonds)

  • Fixed income electronic bond initiative for block trading USA (US$ bonds)

  • Fixed income electronic bond liquidity initiative Europe (Euro/GBP bonds)


  • Equities broker sales person Asia: Ingrid Nell (joint winner)


  • Fixed income electronic bond liquidity initiative USA (US$ bonds): All-to-All Open Trading


  • Best equities TCA Europe

Thomson Reuters

  • Foreign exchange trading system Europe: FXall


  • Equities block trading venue Asia

  • Equities broker coverage Europe (joint winner)

  • Equities broker sales person Asia: Choo-Guan Yeoh (joint winner)

Leaders in Trading 2016 - The Winners

“We would like to say well done to all the winners of the 2016 Buy Siders’ Choice awards for the strong positive buy side feedback you have received,” said Anita Karppi, managing director at K&KGC. “We decided to establish the inaugural Buy Siders’ Choice Awards 2016 to recognise and bring more transparency in the market about the service providers who are delivering the best service to our global buy-side community. Thank you to the global buy-side community for recognising your service providers.”



Notes for editors

  • The K&KGC Global Buy siders’ Choice Awards were created to provide a benchmarking comparison of services to the buy side, ranked by the buy side.

  • The winners of each category are recognised based on number of votes only by validated buy-side trading professionals.

  • In 2013, K&KGC started buy-side benchmark research based on buy-side requests. To date we have worked on 24 buy-side benchmark research initiatives with 908 vetted buy-side survey responses. The research initiatives cover key challenges for the buy-side trading desk across equities, fixed income and foreign exchange.



About K&KGC

K&KGC is a unique buy side consultancy which engages with senior buy-side heads of trading on a regular basis with benchmark research and roundtable debates on topics of their choice. The company organises private and exclusive the Alpha Trader Forum (ATF) and Asia Buy-side Forum (ABF) roundtable debates in equities, fixed income and foreign exchange in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore, Hong Kong, Boston and New York. K&KGC also produces the Buy side perspectives magazine, articles, research, rankings and awards based on buy-side input on key issues for the dealing desk and trading environment.

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