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The Buy-side Perspectives

REPORTS - The Buy-side Perspectives


NEW  Buy-side foreign exchange algo user report

NEW  Buy-side equities algo preference ranking


Buy-side equities trading survey

Buy-side fixed income trading survey

Buy-side foreign exchange trading survey



Buy-side equities survey

Buy-side fixed income survey

Buy-side foreign exchange survey


Equities best execution 2016: final report

Fixed income best execution 2016

Equities block trading 2016: final report

Organising the FX trading desk – products, structure, processes and partnerships 2016

Fixed income electronic liquidity initiatives and counterparties 2016

2016 Equities algorithmic trading

Trader salary benchmark report 2016 

Equities commission rates 2016

Fixed Income - 2016 Fixed Income electronic liquidity initiatives interim report

Equities - 2016 Equities block trading interim report 



Regulatory pressure on the trading desk and Head Trader liability 2015 (Equities, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange)

Buy-side trader remuneration 2015 (Equities, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange)

Transaction Cost Analysis 2014/2015, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income and Derivatives

Commission Management 2015 (Equities)

2015 Equities algorithmic trading

Small/Mid Cap Brokers 2015

Fixed Income electronic trading technology 2015

2015 Foreign Exchange algorithmic trading

Foreign Exchange electronic trading technology 2015



Transaction Cost Analysis 2014 (Equities)

Equities Liquidity 2014

Commission Management 2014 (Equities)



Key issues 2013 (Equities)

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